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Prince Harry’s “Spare” hits UK book sales record on first day of release

Prince Harry’s “Spare” hits UK book sales record on first day of release

Prince Harry’s “Spare” became the UK’s fastest selling non-fiction book ever, its publisher said on Tuesday, after days of TV interviews, leaks, and a mistaken early release of the memoir containing intimate revelations about the British royal family.

Bookshops across London opened at midnight to meet the demand for Prince Harry’s memoir after it officially went on sale.

Fans queuing to buy a hardback copy described wanting to hear the story “from the horse’s mouth”.

It follows the chaotic launch of Spare with multiple leaks and copies being made available in Spain last week.

Waterstones says Prince Harry’s book has been one of its “biggest pre-order titles for a decade”.

“As far as we know, the only books to have sold more in their first day are those starring the other Harry (Potter).”

Citing British sales figures, the publisher said it had sold 400,000 copies so far across hardback, e-book and audio formats.

Earlier in the day, Caroline Lennon, a retail worker and one of the eager readers who had headed to bookshops to get their copy on the first day of its release, said she would read the book immediately as she posed for photographers.

“I like him, I like the royal family,” said Lennon, 59, the first and only person waiting to buy a copy from a Waterstone’s bookshop in central London when it opened.

The booksellers opened their flagship Piccadilly branch early on Tuesday in expectation of high customer demand, as the book was published around the world in 16 languages.

Branches of WH Smith in locations including Euston, Victoria, Heathrow and Gatwick were also among those to extend their hours for the release.

The memoir is already top of the best sellers in the UK for online retailer Amazon, after days of headline-grabbing revelations from leaks – ranging from how Prince Harry lost his virginity to claims that Prince Harry was attacked by his brother, Prince William.

The 410-page memoir, revealing the conflict and personal tensions inside royal palaces, shows Prince Harry’s version of growing up and then falling out with the Royal Family.

So far Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace have not responded.

But the claims in the book include that Prince Harry begged his father not re-marry, that he killed 25 Taliban fighters while serving in Afghanistan, that he took psychedelic drugs, partly in response to panic attacks, and that Meghan and Catherine had a difficult relationship.

A major theme in the book is the sense of unresolved grief for the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, with Prince Harry saying he had a “post-traumatic stress injury”.

The press are held responsible for pursuing Diana and Prince Harry said in one of several interviews promoting the book that it would be his “life’s work” to change the media landscape.

There are also unexpected details such as Prince Harry and Prince William calling each other “Harold” and “Willy”, that Harry used to get his clothes at discount outlet TK Maxx and watched a lot of Friends on television.

Harry speaks of his grief and growing up after the death of his mother Princess Diana when he was just 12, his use of cocaine and other drugs to cope, how he killed 25 Taliban fighters while serving as a soldier in Afghanistan, and even how he lost his virginity.

He also reveals a heated row with William, the heir to the throne, saying his brother knocked him over, and how they had both begged his father not to marry Camilla, who he wed in 2005 and is now the queen consort.

In TV interviews ahead of the book launch, Harry has doubled down on his accusations that some royals, including Camilla and William, leaked stories to tabloid papers which had damaged either him or his wife Meghan in order to protect themselves or enhance their reputations.

“I think she (his mother Diana) would be heartbroken about the fact that William, his office, were part of these stories,” he told Good Morning America (GMA).

Members of the Royal Family have been omitted from the acknowledgements section of the book. Instead, the duke gives special thanks to friends in the UK “who stuck by” him “amongst the fog”, adding: “Next round’s on me.”

Harry also says his therapist helped him “unravel years of unresolved trauma”.

Part of the article was reported by Reuters.